Slovak Ingeniering, s.r.o., Prešov - Temporary employment agency

Our company was founded on March 12th, 2008 and from June 23rd, 2008 we are holders of the permission to operate the Temporary Employment Agency (TEA). We offer services to our clients in the area of personnel leasing and recruiting. Currently we employ people in Slovakia as well as in EU . In France, we act as an agency, which provides personal leasing, mainly in construction and industry. In Slovakia, we can provide people in manufacturing, construction work and work in industry, administration and assistant positions, lower, middle and senior management...and in the case of client’s requirement we can also, of course, search for workers in other areas and other job positions.


  • Search for employees in the area of construction, preparatory works for implementation of construction, finishing construction works, worker professions in engineering and manufacturing, blacksmith, locksmith, welding, demolition and construction works, metalworking, earth works, painting works, ancillary works, warehouseman, repairman, handyman, gastronomy and hotel business, cleaning services, au pair, nursing
  • Selection of employees
  • Entrance training in the area of OSH and FP (Occupational Health & Safety and Fire Prevention)
  • Sign of a contract with employee and his/her assignment to employer
  • Complete care for employee – the whole payroll and personnel administration
  • We can provide working clothes, transportation to the workplace, accommodation near the workplace, catering, liability insurance...

Economic Activity

  • Preparatory works for implementation of constructions
  • Implementation of constructions and their changes
  • Finishing construction works for the implementation of exteriors, interiors
  • Engineering activities in construction